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​You know ministry is not a solo sport. Ask a church or non-profit leaders how much their families are involved with his/her work... or how much they sacrifice for it. Doing all we can to protect the families of God’s ministers is a non-negotiable for us. 

According to Parakleo, a support system for church planting wives, “Over eighty percent of church planter wives surveyed reported a lack of denominational care and support. One hundred percent requested mentoring or some form of a support system.”

That lack of support has been identified as a critical stressor in the marriage. Marital health is directly related to the success of a church or ministry, so that is bad news.

The good news is Anchored cares. We offer spouses one-on-one time, as well as the opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey. All our coaches are trained using a methodology which emphasizes the power of listening and personal empowerment, rather than counseling. Most importantly, they are committed to God’s design for the family, and recognize the pivotal role a healthy marriage plays in a healthy ministry.

Oh, and here are a couple more real quotes from real wives of church planters, ones who have recently crossed paths with a few of the Anchored coaches:

“Thank you for helping me to figure out how I might get the [childcare] help I need, so I can meet and greet people before our service. I missed doing that.”

“I really enjoyed talking to you. You just listened to me. I felt deeply cared for.”

By the way, wives receive the same exceptional coaching as their husbands, but the fees for their coaching sessions are less. 

Coming soon: Coaching for husbands of clergywomen and other Christian leaders.

We are eager to care for you! To learn more about how to engage with a coach, or find one for your spouse, email [email protected]

"I constantly [feel] guilty that I [can’t] be all things 
to all people.”

      "I want to be more involved, but our children need me so much right now.”
       "I have no idea what role I should play.”

        “I know my husband wants more support from me. With my job and the kids, I don’t have the energy to give.”

Sound familiar? Maybe not. Unfortunately, many don’t know where to turn when they want to be vulnerable.

That’s why we provide coaching not only for Christian leaders, but for their spouses, too.