Until every Christian ministry leader has
access to exceptional, affordable coaching.


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Does coaching really benefit 
Christian leaders? 
We'll let our clients tell you themselves.
“Coaching gives me an objective person to bounce ideas off. It helps to think through ideas more thoroughly, which results in creating more coherent and strategic action plans for successful implementation.”—Senior Pastor

“Coaching is an incredibly valuable experience for me. [My coach] has the ability to ask really powerful questions that help me to process decisions and come to my own conclusions, whether I am working on problems related to church planting or visioning for the future.”—Church Planter

“[My coach] has helped shape the future of our organization and me as a leader. She always asks the questions that led me to solid answers and helped me prioritize what was important versus what was urgent. I am definitely a better leader because of the time we've spent together and the organization has a more solid foundation.”
   —Non-Profit Executive Director

“I have never regretted a decision I made in a coaching session with [my coach].”—Church Planter

“As a result of our time together, I am going to be empowered and encouraged to do the next best thing, often times of which I didn't even have the eyes to see until talking with [my coach].”—Parachurch Staff Member

“One of the greatest challenges in ministry is staying focused in the face of distractions and competing expectations. Coaching has helped me to…focus my energy and time on the important in the face of the urgent.”—Pastor