Until every Christian ministry leader has
access to exceptional, affordable coaching.


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Making Exceptional Coaching Accessible to
Every Christian Ministry Leader 
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Although I've been working with coaches for more than 15 years, God gave me this vision to provide exceptional, affordable coaching to Christian Ministry Leaders in August of 2017. I've never been so compelled to reach a goal, and I am thrilled to see the first steps toward it becoming a reality.

As you know, it is imperative that the time, energies and talent of all God's people are stewarded well; we believe this is particularly true of Christian leaders. It's a domino effect: when these men and women are effective in their ministries, those they lead can be as well. It makes sense that coaching has found its place in Christian leadership development.

Still, there are many who desire to be coached, but are not. Most often, finances are the obstacle. 

Nationally, the average fees for a Christian coaching session can range from $125 to $375; depending on the leader’s desired outcome, s/he may need anywhere from one to four meetings per month. It is a challenge for many to spend that amount of money, even with the high-perceived return on the investment.

Helping to subsidize the cost is one way Christian Ministry Leaders can have access to exceptional, affordable coaching. In addition to providing coaching and coach training, raising funds is a small, yet significant, part of our mission. 

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Feel free to invite friends to learn more about Anchored. Our goal is to see leaders succeed, and we like this definition of success: "To discover what God wants you to do, and do it!"
Can you even imagine what might happen if every Christian ministry leader had that kind of success? We can. 

It's His Adventure,

Jennifer W. Bartling,
Founder and Director
Anchored Coaching
 “Coaching gives me an objective person to bounce ideas off. It helps to think through ideas more thoroughly, which results in creating more coherent and strategic action plans for successful implementation.”—Senior Pastor

“As a result of our time together, I am going to be empowered and encouraged to do the next best thing, often times of which I didn't even have the eyes to see until talking with [my coach].”—Parachurch Staff Member 

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