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Most Anchored Coaches have other ministry roles we are privileged to play. 
But, for each of us, there is something special about coaching.
Something about faithfully walking alongside a brother or sister in Christ. Something about seeing faces light up when the solution to
a challenging issue is recognized.
Something about hearing a sigh of relief when they know they are in a safe place.​ Yes, there is something special about coaching. 
Jenni Bartling
Jenni Bartling was first introduced to coaching almost 20 years ago. In the midst of her first training to be a Ministry Leadership coach, she said to her then-boss, "I was made for this."

As a result of that epiphany, Jenni has coached nearly 75 ministry leaders, clergy, small business owners, nonprofit executives, and women in transition, and has provided coach training to more than 450 clergy and lay leaders from various denominations.

"I am always amazed at what God does through coaching. Inevitably, He honors the leader's desire to effect change for the Kingdom. It's a privilege to be invited to sit in a front-row seat to see God do His stuff!"
Founding Director
" Without Jenni's coaching, I would have left the ministry, and ended up as a car mechanic. There is NOTHING wrong with being a mechanic, except God did not make me to be one."
Rick Wright
Rick's passion for developing young clergy can't be denied. Supervising and coaching seminarians and the newly-ordained has been an ongoing part of his ministry for more than 25 years.

Since his ordination, Rick also has a wide variety of pastoral care experience--from prisons to pews, courtrooms to churches.

He is certified in Spiritual Direction, Christian Conciliation, and Communica-tions, and is currently on the staff of Falls Church in Virginia.​  
"Coaching gets [leaders] to focus on what the Lord might be up to. I think of it as a more ‘Rabbinic’ style of coaching than ‘a football/basketball coach yelling at you’ style."
Jennifer Satterlee is a nonprofit director and defender of vulnerable children worldwide. She has more than 10 years experience in ministry and five in nonprofit leadership.

She has a passion to train up future leaders, especially those in nonprofit work and women serving in ministry.

Jennifer adamantly believes that coaching is a game changer for those striving to grow and be more effective in their fields. 
Jennifer Satterlee
"Jennifer  helps me see the bigger picture, come to my own conclusions, and keeps me on track...if it weren't for her, I would have given up on my plan."
Jim is the founding Pastor of St. Luke’s Church, Tallahassee, shaping its vision of a church for "those who may have given up on church but not on God." 

He is a certified Myers-Briggs Temperament instructor, and recently received his Doctor of Ministry. An advocate for church health, he coaches and offers consultations and conferences to congregations.
Jim Needham
Mary M. Hays
Mary Maggard Hays is especially focused on the formation of Christian leaders, lay and ordained, equipping them to nourish and reaching others with the trans-forming love of Jesus Christ.

Mary is the former Canon to the Ordinary in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. She has worked with Christian leaders of all ages for nearly 40 years.  

Dave Kulchar
Dave has more than 35 years of full-time ministry experience.  His faith was awakened when through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Kent State University in Ohio.

He is a church planter and the Canon for Church Planting in the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes. Dave roots for the underdog in any sport (which, funny enough, is a common characteristic of excellent coaches).

"Because Dave and I talk about concerns..., and shed light on them, I have become more forward thinking about [the issues], and they have now been overcome."

Stacy Jessel is a wife and mother of four mostly grown children. She has spent the last 30 years active in ministry leadership as a Worship Leader,Teacher, and Family Ministry Director.

With a call to “wash the feet of the servants of her Master” (1Sam 25:41), Stacy is passionate to use her gifts as a Coach and Spiritual Director, as well as her experience in Leadership Develop- ment to support, restore, and equip those doing work in the service of the King.

Stacy Jessel
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