Until every Christian ministry leader has
access to exceptional, affordable coaching.


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Uh-Oh! You caught us! Yes, these are stock photo models..but we bet you have felt like they look!

   It’s true. It's "Lonely at the Top."
Where do you go when you're
just not sure what you do?

Are you a leader in Christian ministry? We know the men and women God has called to such positions are a unique group of people. It is imperative your talents and energies are stewarded well.

We also know you need an objective ally--someone without vested interest in you--to walk with you, and provide a safe place where you can process your dreams and fears, as well as get clarity about next steps for your church or minstry.

Christian coaches come alongside a person or team to help them reach their goals. We want you to see God’s agenda for your life and ministry, and see that agenda
become a reality.

We won't tell you what to do.
Many people confuse the
supportive roles of

Coach vs. Mentor.

We like this distinction:

A Mentor has the experience in a specific field, and usually tells you what you should be doing. He or she goes before you, and
pours into you the
counsel and guidance needed.

A Coach comes alongside you, and ​draws on your past training, experiences, and strengths, which gives you the encouragement 
and confidence you need to
move forward.

Anchored’s certified coaches
partner with you, asking probing questions that allow you to gain clarity, strategize solutions, develop a strategic plan, and increase the likelihood of your strategy’s implementation. Success!
  It's part of our vision.
Providing exceptional,
affordable coaching.

Our hearts break for Christian leaders who want to be coached, and cannot afford to do so. Yet, coaches need to eat, too! So we've come up with a compromise.
Send us Subway gift cards.

Seriously, our commitments to you and the value of generosity drive our business plan: We have created a scholarship fund to help subsidize the cost of coaching; we seek development partners to help build that fund; and our coaches contribute a portion of their fees so that others can benefit from coaching.

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